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Robyn O’Brien : America’s Food Crusader


Robyn O’Brien described the day that changed her life from full-time mother to national speaker, author, and activist on food. Robyn was introducing solids to her infant daughter and cooked eggs for breakfast; her daughter had a severe allergic reaction to “touching” eggs. The doctor explained to Robyn it was a allergic reaction that “just happened” and that egg allergies were common. This didn’t sell Robyn; she could not walk away from her feelings of ambivalence. Searching for understanding, she researched; and she found stunning information about the American food supply.

She learned that while European nations were issuing caution and prevention related to foods, the United States allowed food to be manufactured and sold without human trials having been conducted to determine their safety or the health risks and health costs related to the use of chemicals, artificial ingredients, and genetically modified foods found in many of our foods today. Foods in the United States are commonly made with either artificial dyes, artificial sweeteners such high fructose corn syrup, hormones or a combinations of these ingredients; these either not used in other countries or these ingredients are labeled so that consumers can make an informed choice. This is taking a toll on our children’s health. Robyn was alarmed to learn these same foods are sold in a more natural version in Europe; thus many of the foods sold here are either banned or were never introduced in Europe. Robyn’s research also shows a correlation between the chemically laden food and common U.S. ailments such ADD, diabetes,obesity, cancers to name a few.

Robyn felt she found answers other parents deserved to know. She felt a new world had opened up and she wanted to share it. She wondered how many other parents were interested in learning many of our children’s allergies could be prevented through proper nutrition. So she consulted her family and the “Allergy Kids Network,” was founded. Now a national educational based non-profit, it serves as a support base for parents seeking solutions and prevention to their children’s allergies. The website is a wonderful resource containing a wealth of knowledge.

From looking for answers to her child’s allergic reaction and not turning away from the facts, Robyn has become a national spokesperson for food and the author of the book, “The Unhealthy Truth: How our food is making us sick and what we can do about it.” While Robyn knows that many of our foods are making us sick; she also knows that eating the right foods can keep us well. Robyn makes the links between our food, our health and the health of the planet. Her TEDX in Austin received a standing ovation.

Robyn has never swayed or backed down from the reality of food facts in the U.S. and when radio shows have canceled because advertisers might pull their advertising if she is on, she knows there is another show waiting. Robyn has opened the door for many families seeking solutions; and has helped with getting stricter standards on food. For more information please visit,

 “While none of us can do everything, all of us can do something when it comes to protecting the health of our families. And hope is the knowledge that change is possible, even when it seems hard to imagine.”  – Robyn O’Brien

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