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Cheryl Heller : A Voice for Nature


Cheryl Heller is a communication wizard. It is her life’s calling, and her life. According to Cheryl, founder of Heller Communication Design, communication is also the most important connection between humans. “Communication is the single most important factor in any endeavor,” she states. Cheryl assists some of our most-well known companies with their communication strategies. In 2000, Cheryl renewed these strategies with a greener focus. Moved by nature, Cheryl switched the intention of her talent to sustainability and renewability. Assisting clients in developing their green voice, she said it was time to integrate her love for nature and her work.

Cheryl-Heller-DesignsShe said sitting in nature has taught her what she needs to know. She knew she must lend a voice for nature and not only is she assisting companies with their green voice she is assisting them in adopting sustainable practices. She said, “I feel I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to doing.”


I was moved by Cheryl the first time we spoke as I have been on other occasions. Passionate and soft-spoken she has the ability to gracefully communicate a strong message. And Cheryl is in high demand. Companies from Reebok, Gap, and Seventh Generation are calling as are many non-profits agencies. In addition to chairing and teaching a new graduate program, Design for Social Innovation: intersecting business, society and the natural world, Cheryl also sits on the board of several non-profits and is the board chair of the innovative Pop-Tech (, a social innovations accelerator. She also mentors, as she did with me when “Power of One Woman” was only an idea.

Not to be taken lightly, Cheryl can pack a punch in a few words. Read her blog at and see that Cheryl puts it plainly. She attributes this to seeing the changes needed in the world and knowing we don’t have the time for soft chat. She said, “Now is our time to act.”

What she sees in some corporate board rooms is different than what she feels in nature, and she is looking to bridge these closer together. She takes inspiration received from nature back to New York City. She is also renovating a former warehouse into a sustainable home and office, called “Crowflies” with her husband.

From where Cheryl sits, she sees a lot of the good with the not so-good, the well intentioned and the some not so. “We can make a difference in the world or we can create real shifts and that is our choice.” To Cheryl, our communication defines our intention. Her answer for healing the planet and propelling us forward, “Nature, nature, nature.” Spending time in nature she says is the answer for reconnecting ourselves with what we have forgotten: our interconnectedness to nature. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man is connected to all nature”…so is a woman.

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