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Nell Newmann


Nell Newman launched Newman’s Own Organics in 1993. She is responsible for the company’s product development and marketing. The daughter of actors Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Nell had an early introduction to natural foods. At their rural Connecticut home, the family had a garden, raised chickens, and Nell was taught to cook by her mother, as well as spending many hours fishing with her father. While in college, she continued to experiment in the kitchen, and is still the designated chef when home for family holiday dinners.

Nell attended the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, graduating with a B.S. in human ecology. She worked briefly at the Environmental Defense Fund in New York, but, preferring a more rural environment, moved to Northern California. She held a position at the Ventana Wilderness Sanctuary, which was working to reestablish the bald eagle in central California. After two and a half years, she left Ventana Wilderness Sanctuary and began fundraising for the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group.

Nell’s commitment to organic foods and sustainable agriculture led her to convince her father to let her establish an organic division of Newman’s Own. She won him over by creating a completely organic Thanksgiving dinner and then suggesting organic food products for the Newman’s Own line. “All of Newman’s Own products are ones that Dad enjoys, so I develop recipes that he really loves and can be proud of,” states Nell. Nell credits her parents, too, with teaching her by example to be socially responsible, politically involved, and philanthropic.

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