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Milbry Polk : Making Discoveries While Paving The Way for Women

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Milbry Polk is a modern day explorer; mentor and trendsetter for women. At a young age, Milbry decided that she wanted to be an “explorer.” Influenced both by her father who took her family traveling to the Middle East and Europe and by historical figures such as Alexander the Great, she knew she wanted to see more of the world…

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Sandra Steingraber : Raising Awareness for our Children Through “Raising Elijah”


When I first learned her name: “Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D.” biologist, I wondered, “How had I never heard her name and compelling story before?” I feel strongly, “Sandra Steingraber” ought to be a household name. Raised in the Illinois Midwest, Sandra led your typical mid-western life until she got the news: she had cancer as a young college student. Told by…

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Natalia Allen : Weaving Fashion with Sustainability


At 23 years old, Natalia Allen witnessed something she couldn’t close her eyes to. Recently awarded the Parsons’ New School for Design “Designer of the Year” award, Natalia was granted trips into textile factories to bring her design ideas to life. What she saw alarmed her and played on her conscious: heavy metals being used in fabrics; chemically laden clothes,…

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Cheryl Heller : A Voice for Nature


Cheryl Heller is a communication wizard. It is her life’s calling, and her life. According to Cheryl, founder of Heller Communication Design, communication is also the most important connection between humans. “Communication is the single most important factor in any endeavor,” she states. Cheryl assists some of our most-well known companies with their communication strategies. In 2000, Cheryl renewed these…

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Wilma Subra : “Telling It, Like It Is”


She has been shot at; threatened and called names. This has not deterred sixty-something, grandmother, and chemist Wilma Subra from her work – she just moved her desk away from the window. Wilma Subra, a Louisiana native, became interested in environmental work in college when she witnessed cow renderings floating down a river. Holding a graduate degree in microbiology and…

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Bryony Schwan : Using Our Voices and Discovering Nature As Our Greatest Teacher


Often working for the environment requires discovering and sharing facts many people aren’t sure they are ready to hear. It can feel draining to share news such as many of our daily products contain harmful chemicals. The flip side to this is the energizing, peaceful feeling nature provides: sharing these powerful components of nature feels like a mood and energy…

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Nicole Dawes : Creating Crackers with a Conscience


Being pregnant and craving saltine crackers, a very normal thing right? Being pregnant and craving an organic saltine cracker appeared to be a non-existent thing in 2001. This is what happened to Nicole Dawes two months pregnant walking around New York City searching for all natural/organic crackers which didn’t exist. Instead of being frustrated and complaining, Nicole took this an…

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Dr. Susan Shaw : Marine Toxicologist – Jumps Deep Into The State of Our Oceans


Visit her website at  Since the onset of the Gulf Oil Crisis, and you will see Dr. Susan Shaw, Marine Toxicologist, has been interviewed by just about everyone: CNN, National Geographic, London Times, TED….she is in the heart of it, and her heart is in it. For, Dr. Susan Shaw is one of the few humans who have actually…

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