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Nina Simons : Femininity in Action


An internationally acclaimed speaker, advocate; author, and leader within the environmental movement, Nina Simons’ calming voice exudes the strong feminine spirit she writes and speaks of. Nina describes being among the sunflowers, bees, butterflies and vegetables and experiencing an awakening to nature while walking through Gabriel Howearth’s garden with her now husband Kenny Ausubel. Nina and Kenny created “Seeds of…

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Robyn O’Brien : America’s Food Crusader


Robyn O’Brien described the day that changed her life from full-time mother to national speaker, author, and activist on food. Robyn was introducing solids to her infant daughter and cooked eggs for breakfast; her daughter had a severe allergic reaction to “touching” eggs. The doctor explained to Robyn it was a allergic reaction that “just happened” and that egg allergies…

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Milbry Polk : Making Discoveries While Paving The Way for Women

Screen Shot 2012-10-29 at 5.14.04 PM

Milbry Polk is a modern day explorer; mentor and trendsetter for women. At a young age, Milbry decided that she wanted to be an “explorer.” Influenced both by her father who took her family traveling to the Middle East and Europe and by historical figures such as Alexander the Great, she knew she wanted to see more of the world…

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Laura Turner Seydel : National Eco-Activist


Intelligent, articulate and down to earth – these are what came to mind as I sat with Laura Tuner Seydel – a, Southern-based, National Environmental Activist. Sitting in her Atlanta home, “Eco-Manor,” Laura outlines with vivid description Atlanta’s environmental difficulties. She also describes viable solutions with this same strong energy. Laura educates herself on the issues and takes action including…

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Plastic Bags and Feminine Care: Two Very Important Things

Sheila Hollender Photo

To date, I have interviewed 34 women for the “Power of One Woman,” project. And with every interview, my mind and world have continually been expanded by these women’s amazing work for the earth. With every conversation, book, and website studied, I continue to learn incredible facts regarding our health and that of the planet. It is a mind expanding…

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Sandra Steingraber : Raising Awareness for our Children Through “Raising Elijah”


When I first learned her name: “Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D.” biologist, I wondered, “How had I never heard her name and compelling story before?” I feel strongly, “Sandra Steingraber” ought to be a household name. Raised in the Illinois Midwest, Sandra led your typical mid-western life until she got the news: she had cancer as a young college student. Told by…

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Audrey Peterman : Advocate of our Mountains’ Majesties

Audrey Peterman

At age 44, Audrey Peterman, and her husband Frank embarked on a two-month trek across country to witness the beautiful landscapes offered in the United States. With the realization that they had not seen the famous landmarks of their own country, they visited 14 parks including: the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone. While visiting Yellowstone, Audrey became aware there was…

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Natalia Allen : Weaving Fashion with Sustainability


At 23 years old, Natalia Allen witnessed something she couldn’t close her eyes to. Recently awarded the Parsons’ New School for Design “Designer of the Year” award, Natalia was granted trips into textile factories to bring her design ideas to life. What she saw alarmed her and played on her conscious: heavy metals being used in fabrics; chemically laden clothes,…

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Cheryl Heller : A Voice for Nature


Cheryl Heller is a communication wizard. It is her life’s calling, and her life. According to Cheryl, founder of Heller Communication Design, communication is also the most important connection between humans. “Communication is the single most important factor in any endeavor,” she states. Cheryl assists some of our most-well known companies with their communication strategies. In 2000, Cheryl renewed these…

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Diana Beresford-Kroeger : Life In and Out of the Arboretum


She is more comfortable on her 400 acre research garden, filled with rare and endangered plants, trees and grasses, studying and writing than she is traveling and speaking. These days, botanist, and medicinal bio-chemist, Diana Beresford Kroeger, author of five books including Canadian best-seller, “The Global Forest,” feels the call to speak on the importance of trees, forests, and the…

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