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Betsy Hosp

As the former director of two statewide offices for children, Betsy   stopped working with the birth of her second child. What she wasn’t prepared for was her daughter being constantly sick with allergies and infections. Two and a half years after searching and constantly in doctors’ offices for both Betsy and her daughter, the answers came through dietary changes, switching to natural, organic foods, and supplements. Realizing the value of our health, Betsy became more aware how human health was directly tied to planetary health. As a pediatrician commented, “What is good for the planet is good for us. What is not good for the planet is not good for us.” She began studying ways to protect both.

She believes in the power of our voices, and how earth will be affected in positive ways by: learning the truth about caring for our planet; creating a vision for its healing; and using our voices to achieve this.

Betsy loves spending time in nature, outdoor adventures, and gardening. She believes healing the earth is directly tied to our connection with nature. “By spending time in nature and developing a connection, we develop a respect which changes our behavior in how we take care of the planet.” Betsy founded a nature-bsed Montessori school in Alabama with a small group of people, where she served as Head of School. Betsy received two Montessori teaching certifications through NAMC and holds a graduate degree in counseling and is the mother of three children. She credits Paul Hawkin’s book, “Blessed Unrest” as a motivating factor in her desire to work for the earth.


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Milbry Polk

Milbry Polk is an international explorer having explored and photographed hundreds of places on the planet. Milbry discovered another passion when she researched the history of women explorers. Spending years cumulating the contributions women made to the field of exploration, she co-authored the book, “Women of Discovery.” Milbry’s quest was to bring recognition to the work women were making in the field of exploration. In 1993 she founded Wings World Quest, with Leila Hadley Luce, a non-profit to create awareness and support to the women who were making important contributions to society and for the planet in discovering the world around us. Today, “Wings World Quest” is an international non-profit providing fellowship to women explorers with the opportunity to continue and share their discoveries. Milbry, now ex-officio with Wings continues to mentor women and projects such as assisting with “Power of One Woman.” Having co-authored many journals and books, she continues to travel and write and is currently working on three books.

www.milbrypolk.com;  www.milbrypolk.blogspot.com;  www.wingsworldquest.org



Cheryl Heller

Cheryl Heller is the founder of Heller Communication Design, Chair of a new Masters Program at the School of Visual Arts in New York in Design for Social Innovation and Board Chair of PopTech, a thought leadership conference and social innovation accelerator. She is a pioneering communication designer and business strategist, and has twice been nominated for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Communication Design.

She has led transformational initiatives for entrepreneurs, corporations and Non-Profits of every size, industry and mission, including Mars, L’Oreal, Seventh Generation, Reebok, Kodak Professional, Bayer Corporation, BlackRock, Marriott Corporation, Hachette Filipacchi, Cemex, Seagrams, Ford Motor Company,  Discovery Networks International, MeadWestvaco and Sappi. Non-profit clients include WWF, Girl Scouts of America, Audubon New York, IDE (International Development Enterprises) The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, SafeHorizon, Wings World Quest, the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, and the Joyful Heart Foundation.

She is a passionate kick-boxer, gardener, cook and photographer.

www.hellercd.com dsi.sva.edu twitter.com/cherylheller