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Wilma Subra : “Telling It, Like It Is”


She has been shot at; threatened and called names. This has not deterred sixty-something, grandmother, and chemist Wilma Subra from her work – she just moved her desk away from the window. Wilma Subra, a Louisiana native, became interested in environmental work in college when she witnessed cow renderings floating down a river. Holding a graduate degree in microbiology and…

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Bryony Schwan : Using Our Voices and Discovering Nature As Our Greatest Teacher


Often working for the environment requires discovering and sharing facts many people aren’t sure they are ready to hear. It can feel draining to share news such as many of our daily products contain harmful chemicals. The flip side to this is the energizing, peaceful feeling nature provides: sharing these powerful components of nature feels like a mood and energy…

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Dr. Terrie Williams : Taking Plastic Out of Our Oceans


Imagine standing with a team of people and sticking your hand into a Sperm Whale’s stomach to investigate its cause of death to then pull out a plastic bag which was lodged in the whale’s intestines. That is what Dr. Terrie Williams did this summer in California. Dr. Williams, Director of the Williams Lab at University of Santa Cruz, California…

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